Get more Sales with Efficient Lead Qualification

Skip the endless emailing, calling, and meetings.

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Everyone loves to talk to people who want their product...

but you have to do a lot of work to find them

It doesn't matter if you're an owner, founder, CEO, Sales Director, or other Biz Dev professional.

You've probably seen at least one of these 3 common problems in B2B sales

1. Finding the right leads is hard

Hunting/Searching for leads, hunting for their contacts, you're not sure if it's the right contact, you're sending emails to their spam; you're calling their secretary because you don't have the CEO's number, etc

2. Trying to get a meeting sucks

You're cold calling, sending 1000s of emails, getting lots of No's, etc. , wasting a lot of time, money, resources, frustration

3. Your meetings go nowhere

You get a meeting, but it feels like a waste of time - they're not interested, you don't know how to find the pain, "not now, maybe later", they don't say more than 1-word replies, etc.

But you don't have to do it that way...

Let us get you meetings with the excited prospects

How does this work?

First we build/optimize your sales process, so our communication is efficient.

Then we do the first 3 sales pipeline stages for you - typically the hardest parts of sales

so you can spend time with top prospects


(with our support if needed)


(based on the built strategy)

Show me how I can get this

You start here

1. Lead Generation

2. Cold Contact (emails, calls, etc. to get a meeting)

3. Qualification (are they interested, their needs, etc.)

4. Solution presentation/Demo

5. Offer

6. New Client

What we cover

(based on the built strategy)

What you cover

(with our support if needed)

What other professionals think about us

As a mid-size software house it’s really stressful to rely only on inbound leads or partner recommendations.

It’s just too dangerous.

Having a constant, stable flow of conversations with interested clients brings not only more contracts, but most of all helps me and my team focus on today’s work, not worry about tomorrow.

Lukasz Hankus

CEO of Nonstop Softwarehouse

The problem we faced was reaching companies and decision-makers.

Your service allowed us to increase the effectiveness of our activities and arrange meetings with relevant people in our target companies. 

This allows us to keep a steady flow of leads and have confidence we can rely on our sales activities – and also to be sure we are reaching out to the right prospects. 

Founder and CEO of Cervi Robotics, Co- Founder Servocode

Vadym Melnyk

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